Zero Waste Move-In

    As part of our commitment to campus sustainability, help us reach our goal of 100% waste diversion on move-in day.

    Before Coming to Campus

    1) Decide what to bring. Consider bringing a durable water bottle, reusable straw, basic kitchenware, and compost pail to avoid waste while on campus.

    2) Pack items in containers that will be useful throughout the year, such as reusable cloth bags or durable storage bins.    

    Move-In Day Tips

    1) Parking to unload your belongings will be at a premium at move-in locations. Be prepared to unload all of your belongings at once. Student leaders and athletes will be on hand to help you unload quickly. Once you're unloaded, have someone immediately move your vehicle to a different location on campus while you begin to move your belongings into your dorm room. Refer to the move-in day instructions on the Orientation schedule to find which lot is best to relocate your vehicle after you unload.

    2) It will be hot! Eastern Shore summers are notoriously warm and muggy, so wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and drink plenty of water!

    3) Pack smart! Keep things organized and packed in way that you can easily grab items to unload.

    4) Arrive a little early if you can. The earlier you arrive, the more time you'll have to get your Covid testing out of the way so you can spend more time getting your room set up and organized.

    5) Be sure to confirm with your roommate(s) who is bringing any special items (TVs, refrigerator, microwaves, etc.).

    6) Remove and dispose of packaging for certain items BEFORE you come to campus (i.e. bulky boxes with lots of cardboard, Styrofoam or plastic wrap). This will help you save space in your car and save you time when you're settling in. You're also already doing your part to help the College reduce waste!

    7) Bring cleaning supplies just in case! It's always good to have on hand for any unexpected messes on move-in day and they come in handy throughout the semester to keep your room clean.

    8) Label what you can with your name, dorm, and room number in case things get mixed up. It also allows students helping with move in to easily identify where items belong.

    9) There are limited dollies and carts available to assist with move in. If you have your own at home, feel free to bring it in case you have a short walk to your dorm room.

    10) Take a moment to breathe and soak it all in. Moving into college is a big day! Enjoy the time you have with family or loved ones during the day and get ready to start your new adventure at Washington College.

    After Unpacking

    1) Break down cardboard boxes.

    2) Bring cardboard, styrofoam, and plastic to the nearest recycling station.

    Peer Mentors, RAs, and members of the Student Environmental Alliance and KAO Honor Society will be on hand to guide you and lend a helping hand.

    Learn more about campus recycling.


    * Please keep new refrigerators in their original packaging for safe transport to your residence hall.