Transfer Students

    Academic/General Questions

    How many students transfer into Washington College every year?

    The number of transfer students fluctuates each year, but typically there are between 25 and 45 students who choose to transfer to Washington College. Transfer students play an important role in the Washington College community because they bring a unique perspective to the campus and a keen appreciation for all that Washington College has to offer.

    Who do I talk to about transferring my credits from my previous institution?

    All admitted applicants receive a preliminary credit review of their transcripts within 2 weeks of the admission decision. The Office of Student Records and Registration performs an official review of the final transcript prior to entering Washington College.

    The maximum number of credits that will transfer is 72, from both a 2- and a 4-year institution.

    Any questions you have about your credits at a former institution and the transfer of those credits should be directed to the Office of Student Records and Registration (410-778-7299). Questions about registering for classes and the academic requirements at Washington College should also be directed to the Office of Student Records and Registration.

    Will I have to take an English 101 and/or a FYS (First Year Seminar) course?

    This depends upon how many credits you are entering with. Generally, students with 31 or fewer credits are required to take both the ENG 101 and FYS courses.

    How will I be assigned an academic advisor?

    Transfer students with at least 32 credits are encouraged to declare a major so that they can be assigned an advisor in that discipline. Otherwise, we will attempt to assign you to an advisor in an area that you have expressed academic interest or intend to major.

    I don’t have my e-mail account set up yet. How can I do that?

    The HelpDesk is responsible for acquainting you with the relevant technology issues on campus and can assist you in getting your e-mail and other related online accounts set up. You can e-mail them at or call the Help Desk at 410-778-7777.

    Residential Life

    Am I allowed to live off campus?

    All first- and second-year students are required to live on campus and the College expects transfers to spend at least one academic year on campus when they arrive. Under certain conditions, the off-campus review committee may decide to allow an exemption. Students requesting an exemption from the housing requirement must complete both the Housing Exemption Form and the Off-Campus Information Form.

    If I’m living on campus, will I live with another transfer student?

    Housing is done according to age and compatibility rather than whether or not you are a transfer student. Therefore, you may be housed with a current student or another transfer student. The housing process takes several factors into consideration, such as neatness and study habits. Roommates/suitemates are matched accordingly. If you have specific questions about your housing assignment, please contact the Office of Residential Life at or by calling 410-778-7752.

    What if I transfer in January?

    All students who transfer to Washington College in January, regardless of the number of credits they bring to Washington College, participate in the same orientation. A small group of Peer Mentors are assigned to work with this group.

    Life on Campus

    Is it hard to get involved in campus life as a transfer student?

    No, it is not difficult to get involved! There are more than 80 different clubs and organizations in which students can participate during their time at WC. These clubs welcome new members at any point in the academic year, whether they are first-year students, transfers, or upperclassmen. Additionally, at the beginning of the fall semester, a club fair is held to inform new students about various opportunities to get involved in campus life. If you would like more information about getting involved in clubs and organizations, you can check out Campus Groups for more info.

    Am I required to take the EVERFI Courses?

    All new students are required to complete online orientation through EVERFI before classes begin. If you took the online class at your previous institution, you will not have to re-take the course. However, you will need to provide documentation that you completed the course at your previous institution. Sometimes “non-traditional” new students are exempted from completing the course because of their life experience. If you believe you should be exempted for this reason, have any questions, or want to speak to someone about the requirement contact the Office of Student Affairs at

    Do I need to a get a new physical if I already had one at my last institution?

    Washington College Health Services will only accept documentation of a physical that has occurred within six months of the due date of completed forms. All new students must complete the required Washington College Health Form by July 15th for students entering in the fall and January 15th for students entering in the spring. For questions about your health forms or other health information, contact Health Services at 410-778-7261.