Careers in Anthropology

What can you do with an anthropology degree? Pursue a masters or doctoral degree to continue your education and conduct research. Analyze data or tackle global issues with businesses, government agencies, or NGOs. Curate museum collections, master GIS technologies, or work on archaeological excavations. As an anthropologist, your options are endless.

The Captivating and Curious Careers of Anthropology

Trained in data collection and analysis, critical thinking, persuasive writing, and professional presentation, anthropology graduates find employment opportunities in business, national and international government agencies, NGOs, museums, and academia.

An anthropology degree provides students with the knowledge to understand the complexities of human behavior in the past and present and the practical skills to conduct rigorous research into the environmental and social forces that influence human cultural development. Students are also equipped with multiple perspectives for solving theoretical and practical issues within the subfields of sociocultural anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, and biological anthropology.


WAC Anthropology Student Accomplishments

  • Click to see our Sophie Kerr and Phi Beta Kappa Gerda Blumenthal award winners as well as the variety of internships, conference presentations, graduate school placements, and employment undertaken by our students.


WAC Anthropology Employment

  • Recent graduates have careers in geospatial intelligence, foreign service, sociocultural data analysis, international health and medicine, cultural tourism, grant writing, archaeology, political analysis, international education, law, social justice, journalism, and environmental advocacy.