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Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

The Department administers a variety of internship programs. It encourages qualified majors to consider an internship experience as a means of clarifying their career goals, applying classroom learning to practical situations, and gaining valuable work experience in preparation for post-graduation employment.

In addition, students may request Departmental assistance in arranging for academic credit. Recent students have interned with the Governor of Maryland’s Office, the Maryland General Assembly, the U.S. Congress, the Blue Cross/Blue Shield lobby in Annapolis, the Public Religion Research Institute, C-SPAN, a State's Attorney, and political consultants.

The Maryland General Assembly Internship Program, offered as part of the political science curriculum for majors and non-majors, allows students to gain firsthand knowledge of the legislative process and Maryland politics. Students spend two days a week in Annapolis during the spring semester working for a state legislator. Interns also meet on campus for a weekly seminar, which includes reading assignments and written work. Two course credits are given for successful completion of the internship.

The Washington Center Internship program allows students to undertake a full-time, semester-long internship in Washington, DC, with a federal government, political, or non-profit agency. 

The Department of Political Science and the International Studies Program have a special arrangement with the Hansard Society for Parliamentary Government that enables students to spend a semester in London. Hansard Scholars are assigned to work as assistants to members of the House of Common and the House of Lords, the political parties, and public and social policy and research institutes.The internship placements are accompanied by three courses at the London School of Economics. 

In addition to the Hansard Scholars program, the Department has also connected majors with international interships in countries such as Indonesia, Tajikistan, Morocco, and the Philippines, as well as Zanzibar Island.