The Chairman's Scholarship

The Chairman's Scholarship, which is funded by GE Chairman and Washington College alum H. Lawrence Culp, Jr. selects up to five recipients to receive a $20,000 scholarship renewable for an additional three years – up to $80,000 total per recipient. Recipients must be children of current GE employees at the time of the application.

“I’m incredibly proud to be a graduate of Washington College and to be able to share the academic backdrop and resources of the College with the exceptional and deserving children of my fellow GE colleagues.”

-H. Lawrence Culp, Jr.

Any student interested in attending Washington College, and is the child of a current employee of GE, should apply for admission to the College and submit an on-demand employment reference letter from Workday ahead of the Regular Decision application deadline of February 15, 2023

To obtain this on-demand employment reference letter from Workday, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into Workday and type “Request Reference Letter” in the search box.
  2. From the search results, select "Request Reference Letter."
  3. From the Request Reference Letter page, select "On-Demand Letters," then "Employment Reference."
  4. For Document Language, select "English."
  5. Select "Submit."

The letter will then be generated.  When it is available (generally within minutes), you will receive a notification both in Workday and via e-mail.  From the Notification details page in Workday, you will be able to download the letter.

When the letter has been downloaded, click here to upload it to send to Washington College admissions. If you have any questions, please reach out to Skylar Kuhn, Associate Director of Admissions, at

Using the information supplied in each student's application, Washington College will determine the scholarship recipients based on: 

  • Values – Applicants must embody the Washington College values of purpose and passion.
  • Academic achievement – These scholarships will be awarded by Washington College in a competitive manner on the basis of past academic performance and future academic potential.
  • Financial Need – These scholarships will be additive to the merit and need-based financial aid awards customarily provided by Washington College to all qualified enrolled students as a means to close the affordability gap many students and parents experience.
  • Confirmation of relationship with a GE employee.

Applicants must be children of current GE employees at the time of the application. The student is eligible regardless of changes GE may make to the parent’s business unit or employment, unless the parent leaves the company voluntarily. The scholarship is not open to contractors of GE.

Check out our webinar recording from November 2022 to learn more about Washington College and the GE Chairman's Scholarship process.

Featured Chairman's Scholarship Recipients



Brooke Moe

Class of 2025

Hometown: St. Michael, Minnesota

Area of Study: Political Science

"I love politics, it's something I'm passionate about and I hope to one day work for the United Nations. When I was looking at colleges I wanted to be on the east coast and the Chairman's Scholarship helped me afford a school near Washington, DC. During my time at WC I want to study abroad in Scotland and work an internship in DC." 


farren outside in a teal shirt and gold-rimmed glasses smiling infront of a short brick wall and a green tree

Farren Hauer

Class of 2025

Hometown: Exton, Pennsylvania

Areas of Study: Biology or Environmental Science, Columbia Engineering track

"I became involved with a lot of great communities in just the first couple weeks on campus. I'm an SGA Senator, member of the Student Environmental Alliance, and walked-on the Women's Rowing team! Through the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee I've made a lot of friends. We even made a study group for our ENV class! Everyone is amazing; my professors have been so wonderful and supportive. It's really nice to have a great community."

Vincent Bawden pitching a baseball with his right leg up

Vincent Bawden

Class of 2024

Hometown: West Jordan, UTah

Areas of Study: Business Management, Journalism, Editing, & Publishing

"Washington College has shaped me by helping me to have a better perspective on opportunity and how I can reach for, and attain, levels of success that just a short year ago, were not even on the horizon for me.  The generous Chairman's Scholarship has had a profound effect on myself and my family.  The opportunity to apply for this scholarship was made possible by my mother's tireless work at G.E. Health Care division in SLC, UT.  We were advised by many that to be selected would be a long shot because the selection process would narrow down to a few recipients in G.E. worldwide. It was a tremendous honor to receive this scholarship and I am excited to meet my fellow recipients at some future date and celebrate their accomplishment and learn of their paths to earn the Chairman's Scholarship."

prince out doors holding his hands together in a checkered shirt

Prince Kagunyi

Class of 2023

HOmetown: Johannesburg, South Africa

Areas of Study: Physics, Columbia Engineering track

"Flying a long way from home I was nervous about what to expect, but Washington College's warm student body welcomed me, creating a home away from home. WC has provided me with the space, resources and support to be fully independent. Through participation in the Student Government Association Senate and different activities like Dancescape, I have learned about the importance of being deliberate and taking charge of my life.

The quality of education and commitment of professor is providing me with the necessary skills to navigate the world of tomorrow. One of my main goals is to use the knowledge and skills I acquire here at Washington College to invent tools that can make life easier in my home country, Kenya, and the world at large. The facilities present in the College like Idea works (my favorite) and VARDIS (where one can experiment with virtual reality) provides me with a safe space to experiment on new ideas. These facilities play a crucial role in my personal development as I believe they are preparing and allowing me to become an inventor."