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Tuition Exchange

Washington College is excited to accept Tuition Exchange applications each year from member institutions under the guidelines of the Tuition Exchange organization. Supporting the educational opportunities of the children of colleagues in higher education is important to us, and we are pleased to be a part of this service.

The Tuition Exchange scholarship covers the total cost of tuition to WC for up to 4 years of undergraduate education. This scholarship does not cover the costs of room and board, or other fees.

Tuition Exchange Application and Selection Process

Applicants for WC’s Tuition Exchange must be certified as Tuition Exchange candidates by their exporting institution and meet WC’s admission requirements.

Students should submit a Tuition Exchange application through and choose Washington College as a school to receive the application.

WC awards Tuition Exchange Scholarships to applicants with the strongest academic credentials.

A limited number of spaces are available and the scholarships are offered to top applicants. The total number of Tuition Exchange scholarship recipients will be established by the Office of the Registrar.

Students who are interested in applying for Tuition Exchange should have their parents/guardians in higher education consult their respective Human Resources Departments to determine their eligibility. Students must apply for admission to Washington College and submit a Tuition Exchange application to be considered for Tuition Exchange.

WC’s Tuition Exchange Timeline

Students who are applying for the Tuition Exchange Scholarship should follow the following timeline:

  • Students applying Early Decision will compete within the Early Decision cohort. 
  • Tuition Exchange deadline is 2/1/23.
  • Interviews for students who meet the academic standards for Tuition Exchange will begin in early February. 
  • The interview process will conclude on 3/1/23.
  • Students will be informed of the Tuition Exchange decision by mid-March.


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