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WC Magazine

WC Magazine

Published twice a year, the Washington College Magazine offers a glimpse of our corner of the world and the people who rock it.

We mail the magazine to current parents, friends, and to alumni of Washington College who make annual gifts. Digital editions are hosted online. To suggest a story, to offer your feedback, or to change your mailing address, please contact the editor.

We Want Your News

Have you published new work? Composed new music? Received a great promotion? Are you proud of an accomplishment you’d like to share with your friends and classmates? Click here to submit your Class Note. Beginning in the 2020 fiscal year, the magazine will be published in January and July, with the following Class Notes deadlines:

January Issue: November 1

May Issue: May 1

Please note that Class Notes are limited to 100 words and should be written in the third person.

Photo Guidelines

We welcome submission of photos for possible use in the magazine. We are particularly interested in quality photos of alumni and friends participating in alumni activities and alumni-related events. We also try to print every wedding picture and baby picture we receive, as long as the photo quality is passable, because we know these are the pictures you turn to first.

Because of space limitations, though, we cannot publish every photo we receive, and we’re more likely to eliminate a poor-quality photo than a good one. Here are some guidelines that influence the photo choices we make:

  • Is the photo visually interesting? We prefer shots of people doing something, rather than standing in a line. Photos of activities tend to be more interesting than photos of dinners and receptions.
  • Is the photo well lit? Outdoor photos are often better than indoor shots, but when you do shoot outdoors be careful that people’s faces aren’t in harsh shadow.
  • Is the photo well composed? A scenic setting or interesting backdrop that conveys a sense of place is important, but if you are taking a group shot, be careful not to get too far away from your subjects in the foreground.
  • Is the photo of good quality? If a photo is out of focus, too dark, or too grainy, we’re unlikely to use it no matter how compelling the subject matter.
  • Is the photo high-res? For publication purposes, electronic images need to be high resolution—at least 300 dpi at a canvas size of 3x5.