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Central Services

Your on-campus resource for ALL: mail, package, copy and print needs


The Central Services department handles all inter-campus, domestic and international incoming and outgoing United States Postal Service mail and package receiving and distribution at Washington College. This includes the handling of all incoming and outgoing “student” USPS mail and packages, but only for students residing on campus.  This department also handles incoming and outgoing packages for FedEx, UPS and other major couriers for the entire WC campus community.  The Central Services department is a full-service mail and shipping center.  The department also handles college specialty print jobs.
Student Service Hours
Located at the front counter
Academic Year Hours (August 29, 2022 – Commencement)
Monday through Friday - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Saturday - 9:00 am to 12 Noon
Sunday - Closed
*Hours may be adjusted as necessary for staff lunch, breaks, holidays or events - watch for special notices below:

EARLY CLOSING - Wednesday November 30, 2022 at 2:30 pm

**If you are a student that cannot pickup your mail or packages during the posted hours, please contact us at:
Departmental Service Hours
(Faculty & Staff)
Located in the area near the elevator - please do not use the student services counter for departmental business
Academic Year Hours (August 29, 2022 – Commencement)
Monday through Friday - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday – Closed
*Hours may be adjusted as necessary for staff lunch, breaks, holidays or events - watch for special notices below:

EARLY CLOSING - Wednesday November 30, 2022 at 2:30 pm

Incoming and Outgoing mail and package services for faculty and staff are available in this area.  Please be sure your name or department name is on all outgoing mail or packages for proper accounting.
Reminder:  Please pick up all departmental packages in a timely manner.  On Fridays, all packages from the departmental area outside of Central Services must be picked up by close of business.  Central Services policy is that packages in the holding area longer than 7 days will be returned/recycled or disposed of due to space constraints and the number of packages arriving daily.
For students residing on-campus only, mail and packages should be addressed "exactly" as follows:
Washington CollegeStudent “First” and “Last” name and your Middle Initial or Name       
(no nicknames, please use your legal name registered with the college)
300 Washington Avenue
Chestertown, MD  21620

Students please be sure to use this addressing as your “Ship to” address for all items you order to be delivered here for you.  Otherwise your shipment may be delayed or lost.

Off-Campus residing Student Mail and Packages

Students in Off-Campus housing must receive their mail and packages off-campus.  Please do not have your mail or packages sent to the college.
If you have a physical mailbox at your off campus location, you should use that exact address for all your mail and as the "ship to" for your packages.
If your physical off campus address does not have a mailbox you will need to go down to the Chestertown Post Office and get a PO Box with them to receive your mail and packages there.
Chestertown Post Office
104 Spring Avenue
Chestertown, MD  21620
Phone 410-778-0690

How do I know if I have a package or a piece of mail to pickup from Central Services????
The college does NOT deliver packages/mail to the campus. 
All WC On-Campus students are responsible for pick up of their mail/packages from the Central Services student window during posted operational hours.
Incoming mail and packages for on campus students are sorted in house by the WC Central Services staff.  Students will receive an email from when their mail or package is ready and checked in for pickup.
Students should make every effort to come get their mail and packages within 24 hours of receiving notice.  Central Services has limited space to hold large amounts of packages and packages not picked up within 7 days are subject to our return/recycle/disposal policy.  The package holding rule is suspended at the beginning of the Fall semester until the end of the first week of classes to allow incoming students time to pick up the items they ordered to start the semester.
Please only come and get your mail or package once you have received an email from the above address...even if the place you ordered from says it has arrived.  You will get one email per package and one email per piece of mail.  The email will indicated if it is a package or piece of mail received for you. 
Students should plan accordingly for the number of packages they get in any given day and should plan to pick them up at the same time.
At the end of the academic year, any mail that is not picked up is recycled the week after the spring semester finals.
Due to space constraints large packages MUST be picked up immediately upon receipt! 


We advise that overnight delivery be scheduled for Monday through Friday.  We only have limited Saturday hours during the academic year that are for pickup of items checked in by Friday.  No packages get checked in for issue to student on Saturday or Sunday.  Please use caution when sending overnight (Priority Express) delivery via USPS on Thursday because it may not arrive until the next business day after delivery (Monday).  We only get deliveries Monday through Friday for students.


Grocery, Food Deliveries and Perishables
Washington College Central services is unable to accept grocery or food deliveries such as Amazon Marketplace, Misfits Market, Hello Fresh and so on.  Instacart and other grocery delivery services for student are not allowed through Central Services.
Since the WC Central Services Department has limited days and hours, it is important that if you send small or medium sized only perishables to a student that you know the item(s) will arrive Monday – Friday.  The student mail and package center are not responsible for incoming packages requiring refrigeration.  Perishable item packages must be picked up by the end of the day following receipt notification or the package will be disposed of as we don’t have the ability to cold storage perishables on site.
If your student cannot get here during our current open hours, we can make special arrangements for mail or package pickup around those hours any time between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday and 9:00 am to 12 Noon on Saturdays during the academic year only.  If a student needs a special arrangement they should call Central Services 410-810-7112.

Central Services does not accept:
Large outbound packages for shipments on Friday’s due to space constraints.
All large outbound packages must be brought over Monday through Thursday.
Prohibited Items:
In an effort to remain aligned with the United States Postal Service policy and to reduce our liability, we will be implementing the following policy on December 1, 2021:
Washington College prohibits the receipt or shipment of the following via the Washington College Central Services department:
  • Controlled substances 
  • Alcohol 
  • Marijuana (medical or otherwise)
  • Tobacco
  • Any items containing THC
  • Weapons/Ammunition/Explosives/Firearms 
If a package arrives at Central Services with any of the above items, the item will be isolated and the appropriate campus authority will be notified to handle notification to the recipient.  The item will then be returned to sender.
Central Services and/or other college officials reserve the right to open any suspicious package or mail.
Central Services does not handle/distribute student giveaways, gift exchanges, etc.  Those must be handled by the department or organization who is sponsoring the project.

Are you missing a package (tracking shows it is delivered to the college)?
If you are expecting a package that is long overdue or the tracking shows it was delivered to the college and you have not been notified it is here ready for pickup, Central Services will do their best to help you locate it.  Please email us at with the following information so that we can assist you:
  1. Who the package was from
  2. The exact TRACKING NUMBER of the shipment
  3. A description of WHAT was in the package
Central Services will do their best to locate your package, however please be mindful that packages do get lost in transit etc. and you will be advised on how to proceed if your package was never actually received by us.

Students - What happens to my mail and packages during the summer session at Washington College or if I am graduating?
Central Services does not hold mail or packages or forward mail or packages for those students leaving to any off-campus location during the summer months or for graduates.   It is important that you change your address for any vendors, businesses, and organizations that you get mail or packages from especially for places where you get auto deliveries.  Any mail or packages received for students who are not residing on-campus during the summer months will be returned to sender.  If we contact you for a package that arrived for you and you want it shipped to your current address, you will be required to pay the associated shipping costs.
IMPORTANT:  If you have received notice for any mail or packages prior to your exit from campus, please be sure to stop by Central Services and pick those up before you leave.
We also suggest that you fill out a change of address online with USPS if you are leaving the college soon:

Intercampus Mail
Any intercampus mail for faculty or staff should be brought to the Central Services Departmental area (on the elevator side) and placed in the appropriate mail bin for that person or department.
Any mail to be distributed to individual students must be for on-campus residing students only and must have the students name on it and be given to the Central Services staff to check in and distribute to the student(s).
Central Services will only accept and distribute mail items to the students.  Any items larger than envelopes must be distributed elsewhere by the department or organization.
Central Services does not process student mass mailings.

Faculty and Staff - what address do I use for incoming mail or as my ship to address for packages:
Washington College
Department Name or your Name is required
300 Washington Avenue
Chestertown, MD  21620

Central Services offers in-house specialty print shop services for the college business for printing, copying, and collating. We also offer poster printing for select sizes. 
Central Services manages all of the Canon copier/printer units on campus.  Service requests for the Canon equipment should be vetted through this department please. 
Please do NOT order toner or staples for the Canon copiers/printers - these items are provided within the college's contract and MUST be ordered through WC Central Services by emailing - with your supply request.  
Please DO NOT put labels in the Canon copier/printer units at all!  You can void the warranty of these leased machines by putting labels in them.  Labels should only be printed using a college laserjet or inkject printer please.

Print and Copy specialty job requests
All print and copy requests should be sent to:
and must be in final PDF format and include a print request form please

Central Services is not responsible any longer for faxing on the campus as that function is no longer available on the campus Canon copiers.  Faxing for faculty and staff use is done via e-faxing which each office has access to.  e-Faxing is set up and managed through the Information Technologies Department and any questions of concerns regarding e-faxing should be directed to that department by submitting a Help Desk ticket.  If you need to fax something, please check with the departmental administrative assistant or office manager who should have access to e-faxing to assist you with handling this. 

Paper Ordering (for printing and copying)
Each department or office is responsible for placing their own paper orders via college approved vendors.  For ordering cases of paper, it is best to use Office Basics as they will deliver the cases right to your office/building.  If you order cases from any other vendor the cases will come to Central Services and you will be responsible for coming to pick those up.
Central Services does keep various types and colors of paper on hand for emergencies.  Please email us in these situations with your requests.

Central Services only accepts cash or most major credit/debit cards as payment for services.  We do not accept college IDs as payment.  Credit card transaction may only be process for $5 or over.


Any Questions?   Please contact

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Central Services PT Mail/Package Clerk
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If you would like to know more about Mail, Packages or Print Services offered by Central Services or have a comment, please contact:

Katie Brilz at 410-810-7112 or email at



You will receive an email from that says, "You have a package in Central Services," or, "You have letter mail in Central Services." 

Washington College

Student's First and Last Name (must be name registered with the college records)

300 Washington Avenue

Chestertown MD, 21620-1197