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Library and Academic Technology (LAT)

Library and Academic Technology (LAT) empowers the Washington College community to discover, create, collaborate, and innovate. We support the College by challenging students to engage in activities that require them to think analytically, discover and create new knowledge, collaborate with peers and scholars from around the world, and use different forms of expression to communicate effectively. We share the College’s commitment to academic rigor and integrity, and strongly support its exceptional faculty in their teaching and research endeavors.

LAT provides students with resources and services to help them enhance their learning outcomes by successfully completing academic assignments. This includes helping them with everything from research to designing and creating physical and digital content; and from learning new technology to delivering compelling presentations. LAT provides flexible learning spaces for students to work individually or in groups.


LAT Resources

    Library Hours

Sun: 10 AM - 12 AM
M-Th: 8 AM - 12 AM
F: 8 AM - 6 PM
Sat: 10 AM - 6 PM

Washington College students, faculty, and staff must have their ID card to enter the library after 5 p.m.

The Collection

Through Miller Library, students have access to a dynamic and diverse collection of academic research materials both online and inhouse. Currently the library houses over 175,000 print books, 2500 DVD’s, and over 100 print periodicals. This doesn’t begin to compare with the online resources the library has available. Currently there are over 650,000 online resources available to all students, faculty and staff.

Reference materials are integrated into the print collection and include dictionaries, encyclopedias, and bibliographies. Reference material is also available online. More than 3,000 Washington College student theses are available, either online or in print.

Our unique Maryland Collection consists of books, documents, and online resources on state and local towns and counties and is divided into reference materials and circulating and non-circulating materials.

The Special Washington College collection contains works by Washington College faculty, alumni, staff and friends.

The Washington College Archives is a part of Miller Library and is located on the ground floor. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other members of the College community may visit and perform research in the Archives, where they will have access to an impressive collection of primary resource materials related to the College and the College community. Students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members have amassed these materials throughout the lifetime of Washington College.

Checking Out Materials

Students may check out materials by presenting their ID card at the Circulation Desk. Materials such as print reserves, periodicals, and microforms are for use in the library only. Removing these items from the library is in direct violation of the Honor Code, as is removing circulating materials without properly checking them out. Books are loaned for the semester; however, if a student, faculty member, or staff member needs the book, it may be recalled early through an email notification. 

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

ILL is a free service for obtaining research materials not readily available at Miller Library. Each overdue ILL item not returned within seven days of the due date will be fined $1 per day thereafter.

Checking Out Digital Loaner Equipment

Visit IDEAWORKS on the library’s lower level to borrow equipment from the Loaner Pool. Students can borrow video cameras and audio and photographic equipment for short periods of time. While there is no charge to borrow equipment, there is a fee for late returns.

Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas is the College’s learning management system. This cloud-based LMS makes it easy for faculty to create and manage their course websites. Students can access Canvas here with their username and password.

LAT HelpDesk Hours

The LAT HelpDesk is located on the lower level in William Smith Hall. Students can visit the HelpDesk Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or email the HelpDesk at Click here to submit a ticket. 

Student Computer Recommendations

Washington College has partnered with Lenovo and Apple, Inc., which allows us to offer very good discounts on their products and to make in-warranty repairs on many of these systems. Washington College provides recommended system requirements to students and parents to aid in choosing an appropriate computer solution.  Visit to view the College’s computer recommendations and to purchase an Apple or Lenovo computer. For questions, please contact the Help Desk at 410-778-7777.

Computer Protection

Washington College practices safe computing. To safeguard your computer from viruses, spyware, malware, and adware, users must install, run, and update the system’s antivirus and anti-spyware programs. It is equally important to install and run periodic operating system updates. Washington College uses Microsoft’s Security Essentials for Windows systems and provides the campus with a site license for McAfee antivirus software for MacOS systems at no charge to students. To learn more about best practices for safe computing, please visit: or contact the Help Desk at 410-778-7777.

Microsoft Office and Software Discounts

Download and install the latest version of Microsoft Office for free! Visit and login with your WC username and password. It is free for enrolled students. Contact the LAT HelpDesk to learn more about accessing Microsoft Office. For information about other discounted software, click here.

Qualtrics: Create Online Surveys

The campus community can access Qualtrics, an intuitive and easy-to-use online survey tool. All campus faculty, students and staff can use Qualtrics to create their own online surveys. To learn more about Qualtrics, visit: Online Training Videos                                 

The campus community has access to, a library of online training videos authored by professionals on hundreds of training topics. If this is your first time using, you must register online. You can login through Washington College using your username and password. Please visit: today to get started.


LAT Services


Librarians provide in-person reference and research assistance on an individual basis and teach students to navigate the information universe successfully through library instruction classes.  Virtual reference service is available through the “Ask A Librarian” link located on the library homepage:

Internet access to our online reference resources allows us to extend services to students studying abroad and to those residing off campus.  Interlibrary loan requests can be submitted, and electronic reserve materials can be viewed and downloaded remotely from the library homepage.  ID card-accessed remote printing stations are in the library, and wireless Internet service is available throughout the building.

Five spacious group study rooms, equipped with flexible seating and white boards, are located on the second floor of the library and are available to students to place on reserve using WCOnline.

Client Support and Technical Services

Client Support and Technical Services (CSTS) is responsible for the LAT HelpDesk, computer repair (hardware and software) and software distribution. As the first line of support, the HelpDesk provides answers and solutions to a variety of technology-related questions and problems. Students can bring their computers to the HelpDesk for diagnostic evaluation and software repair. The HelpDesk will refer hardware problems to one of our certified computer technicians. The HelpDesk can perform best effort repairs on any non-warranty computer and are certified to repair Lenovo and Apple warranty systems. Fees may apply. Be sure to ask about these before we perform the work.

Educational Technology

Educational Technology (ET) provides consultation and training in the use of technologies in the classroom and online to enhance learning. With working knowledge of multimedia, computing and online resources, ET fosters an environment where communication, collaboration and learning take place.  To contact an Educational Technology staff member, call the HelpDesk at 410-778-7777, or visit the ET website at:

Learning Spaces and Related Services

Information Commons - Miller Library, First floor

The Information Commons on the library’s main floor currently provides some PC desktops and Macs for public use. All the computers have Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office Suite, and many other software programs needed for students.

Newlin Room - Miller Library, First Floor

The Newlin Room contains 21 iMac workstations. The computers are dual boot, which means they run the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The Newlin Room contains the Microsoft Office suite, antivirus protection, and software for academic courses.

IDEAWORKS Innovation Center - Miller Library, Lower Level

The IDEAWORKS Innovation Center (I2C) staff provides facilities, equipment, and support that enable the campus community to discover, create, collaborate, and innovate through hands-on curricular and co-curricular programming. Whether it be a digital file or a tangible artifact, I2C staff help the faculty and students to realize that we are all makers and the value making brings to a liberal arts education. To contact a member of I2C, visit the IDEAWORKS website.

  • The Multimedia Production Center

The MPC contains a variety of technologies that faculty and students can use to produce multimedia projects. The MPC has resources to integrate various media formats, record a podcast, create and edit a digital video, or modify a graphic. The Equipment Loaner Pool available in the MPC offers free access to video camcorders, DSLR cameras, audio recorders, and more.

  • Makerspace

The IDEAWORKS Makerspace extends the digital creative capabilities of the MPC by allowing users to design and fabricate items using modern digital tools in addition to traditional fabrication methods. Embracing the power of the maker culture, the Makerspace provides access to training and tools such as 3D printers, laser cutting and etching, electronics prototyping, sewing, traditional fabrication tools, and more.

  • One Button Studio/Sound Studio

The One Button Studio/Sound Studio is a versatile acoustically-treated production space. In this space, users can create studio-quality video and audio with just the push of a button.  Individuals and small groups may use this space for personal and class projects that include recording voiceover narration, studio-quality video, and more. Walk-in use is allowed; however, reserving a time slot on the studio’s calendar is preferable. To make a reservation, students can speak with the consultant on duty or call the IDEAWORKS Innovation Suite number at 410-810-5800.  

Beck Multimedia and Technology Learning Center  - Miller Library, Lower Level

The Beck Multimedia and Technology Learning Center is a full-featured collaborative learning space that offers faculty a place to experiment with emerging technologies while also serving as a flexible teaching space for workshops and presentations. Faculty who wish to schedule instructional sessions in Beck Multimedia Instructional Lab can arrange to do so by calling Educational Technology at 410-810-7167 or (ext. 7167).