Dirt! The Movie

    Dirt holds the stories and remnants of our past generations, and its ability to create new life through decay continues to nourish our world. This 2009 documentary explores how dirt contributes to all life cycles and how humans have altered the composition of dirt. Dirt! The Movie defines dirt as a living, breathing skin. Dirt is Earth's protective layer, and it contains all types of beneficial microbes.

    Modern agriculture and deforestation have steadily been degrading our soil. This documentary argues that we need sustainable and regenerative systems to save and restore the soil. Healthy dirt---meaning it contains numerous types of lifeforms---nourishes our foods and keeps our ecosystems in balance. Old-growth forest layers exist because of generations of dirt, and these stable soil structures prevent erosion, stabilize plants, and purify waste. However, as modern technologies dominate the food production system, our land is being stripped of its topsoil and replaced with monocropping. Monocropping eliminates diversity and kills beneficial organisms in the soil. Returning to traditional farming methods would help rebuild the soil. This documentary will make you appreciate dirt and all the life it creates. 

    The Food Initiative promotes a zero-waste approach toward food through composting and returning minerals to soil to provide the basis of nutrient-dense food production. Our Campus Garden models a regenerative approach toward erstoring the soil food web. We encourage everyone to reduce food waste by composting. Also, we promote sourcing ingredients from farmers that use regenerative farming practices.

     Nicole Hatfield 

    Dirt! The Movie

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