John S. Toll Research Program

The JSTF program funds collaborative research opportunities between Washington College students and faculty.


These fellowships provide funding to undergraduate majors in the sciences and mathematics who are engaged in campus-based research projects under the direct supervision of a faculty mentor. Such projects may occur during the academic year or in conjunction with the College’s ten-week summer research program. The Fellows, in collaboration with their faculty mentors, determine the nature of the research and receive funding to help support acquisition of equipment and supplies needed for the project. Fellows who are selected to participate in the summer program also receive a stipend of $4,000.

Recent John. S. Toll Fellows

  • Rachel Chambers
  • Andrea Freemann
  • Anna Gjertsen
  • Drake Harrison
  • Hillary Hwang
  • Michelle Ly
  • Kaitlyn Marino**
  • Danielle Murdock
  • Sarah Noman
  • Adam Roth
  • Megan Rowan
  • Christopher Saul
  • Collin Vincent
  • Lindsay Wiecki
  • Haley Wilt
  • Justin Yerkie